Cotton Belt Hospital

CB Hospital The St. Louis, Arkansas & Texas established itself as a pioneer in the railroad-hospital field when, on June 1, 1887, it inaugurated a hospital department and appointed Dr. Charles Adna Smith as chief surgeon. The first hospital, built in Tyler, was completed in 1888 and was operated there for 17 years. The institution built an enviable reputation and as the railroad grew in importance its increasing number of far flung employees made it advisable to relocate the hospital in a more centrally-located city on the line. The railroad purchased a 37-acre tract of land in Texarkana, Arkansas (College Hill), selected by Dr. Smith, and erected in 1904, a new hospital building at a cost of approximately $125,000.

The hospital system was reorganized on May 1, 1923, under a trustee form of management to give employees a voice in its operation and control. In 1927 a nurses' home was built on the grounds and the hospital was completely remodeled at a total cost of $170,000.

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